Bertland Fine Arts and Paintings
The Garden of Excess, An Abundance of Life and Color
Abstract Florals in Pastel
Water Lilies in Wind
Tropical Array
The Water Crystal Climbing Garden in Moonlight
Dessert Oasis Indigo Encyclia Tall Cotton Red Goddess
Magnolia in Sight Blue Peony
Annual Twins
Summer Lilium
Tulipa of Wonder Echinacea’s Weave
Roses Stare
Ten Tulips
Lazy Disas Tulips’ Climb
Roses Call
Waterfall of Lavender
Awakening An Annual Expense
Tulips of Gold
Zinnia to Zinnia
Water Lilies in Sun Irises Tropical Gathering

Shaded Tulip

The Crocus Family
Alstroe Meria Purple Lotus AfloralPa20130436
The Night Orchids Watch
Flame of the Forest A Vibrant Draft
Gerbera’s Command
Elsie’s Garden
Orchids of Yearn A Reflective Family
Glory of the Snow Flower
A Sweet Nectar’s Call Maturation in Motion
Iris's Open Bloom
Darling Dahlia
Azalea of Bloom O’s Noble Descent Callas’ Dance
Purple Lotus
Lavender Heather A Commanding Debut
Petals of the Pelican
A Crocuses Beginning
The Spreading Bells Mrs. James Table
Grape Vase
Royal Hearts
The Divas Belladonna Petals So Wide
Evening Prime
An Opening in Reality
Peonies Occasion Mornings Kiss
Irises Dark Display
The Black Adonis
Another Orchid for Show Deeper in the Mitts of
In the Shadow of All
In a Tranquil Ways
Shy Little Loosestrife Sophora So High
Summers last Call
Evening in the Ivies
Camellia’s Charm Ring the Bells
Purees Bloodroot
Iris in the Meadow
Star Gazer A Wool Foxglove
Field of Prestige
Japonica, So Grand
Ghost in the Field Double Sanguinaria
Lilies of the South
New White Aster
Free Sia Tango Iris Tango

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